A Great Alternative to Paint:

Natural Clay Plaster provides a healthy and stunning alternative to mundane, dull paint. This green product is completely healthy for your family with no toxins yet durable enough to cover any wall. The presence of clay plaster on walls in interior spaces provides a natural look and feel with a warm quality or a cool modern look to any room. No more need to repaint a chipped or peeling wall, with American Clay it can be applied once and forever admired. With its ease of application and simple process of rewetting and troweling if damaged, its a far superior option than other cement type plasters. This textured, elegent and colorful wall option provides a high end look but is completely affordable.


My Story

I am happiest in the Redwoods living in Santa Cruz and being able to work with natural products to bring into peoples spaces. For many  years I have made plasters from the soil in a clients backyard to experimenting with clay from the pottery store to produce natural plasters that I've used on cob and sheetrock walls. I am thrilled to live everyday doing what I love, applying natural plasters in people’s homes and business's to promote healthy walls and living. To play with so many natural pigments and clay to produce an amazing wall finish that beautifies any space and invites you to reach out and touch its breathing, textured surface is a joy to all the senses. I look forward to applying American Clay a premium natural plaster in your home or business to promote your health and make your walls inspire and create conversation.

Tree Rozelle

American Clay Artisan